Acro Engineering began in 1963 as Acro Tool & Die. As the company grew and expanded its capabilities to include gauges, fixtures and automated machines, both designing and building, it seemed appropriate to develop a new name as well. With our present workforce of approximately 20 employees, we have the skill and experience to be a trusted and valued supplier and partner to your company.

We have a large in-house capacity for fabricating and CNC machining, including lathes, mills, and machining centers as well as more specialized services such as abrasive waterjet, Wire EDM, “Blanchard” grinding, hard materials turning and milling, and high-speed milling.

Our design-engineering department can develop automatic production equipment to suit your needs, with automatic sequence and transfer capabilities in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems controlled by CNC or PLC. We use the latest in control software and safety devices to make your operation as efficient as possible and your cycle times more competitive while maintaining operator comfort and safety. In addition to designing and building new machines, we can update or re-equip existing machines.

As our original name says, we got our start in tool and die work, and that is still an area in which we excel, from specialty dies to helping you improve tool life on your consumables.

Acro has worked throughout the country with customers on machine parts, fixtures, tooling, production parts, and special machines including CNC-controlled machines for the following industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Woodworking, HVAC, Industrial, Health Care, Agricultural, Material Handling, and Decorative Arts.

Acro has the people and equipment to see your project through, from start to finish.

Please keep us in mind for your future requirements. If you need any additional information, please email or give us a call.